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Nydenion is a science fiction feature film project that was brought to life by a group of filmmakers, media students and sci-fi fans.

The place of birth of Nydenion is Marburg in Hessen, Germany. The first ideas to the film already evolved in the early 90ties, at which time lots of layouts and designs for the space crafts, set, costumes and props have been made.

As the crew was in the position to rent larger rooms in a warehouse the creation of this ‘new world’ finally began. In the following 10 years the members of the production team spent most of their spare time to build the sets, props, miniture modells and started principle photography. The financing of the project came at this stage literaturely out of their own pockets. That was also the reason why most technical tools and equipment like dollies and cranes were designed and built by the filmmakers themselves in order to save money on the rentals. Also they decided due to the money situation (or the lack of it) to shoot the film on digital video (which later would be upscaled on small HD format).

The shooting, construction of sets and minitures was done at a time when most movie effects were already been produced entirely digital. The crew of Nydenion however combined skillfully the best of these ‘two worlds’ and so created footage that is rarely seen this way in Germany. For instance there was a whole Canyon of 7 meter length built in scale 1:500 in which the final dog fight is taking place. Other miniture modells of the space crafts are of over 2 meters in size, as well as there were real dimensional and fully functional cockpits of the space jets and shuttles manufactured for that purpose.

Great space operas have continuously been a source of inspiration for the crew. One of the premises of the project has always been to find out what could be done in terms of sci-fi filmmaking in Germany with the available means and budget matter. Basically the team was stepping on new grounds every time they were approaching a new scene, but managed to take us on a breath taking trip into space.

In order to bring Nydenion to the public awareness, the project has been continuously featured over the last couple of years in several magazines, on conventions and on the internet. By now there is a great fanbase risen from that effort that became more and more familiar with the ‘Nydenion-Universe’ and wait for the film to be completed.

Since 2005 most of the principle photography has been completed and the Nydenion crew works feverishly on the final post production. Hessen Invest Film is supporting the process since spring 2010 and helps to give the final push to finish over 500 effect shots, reshoots, sound fx and masterings.

The premiere of Nydenion has been scheduled for late summer 2010. Prospectives can look forward to regular updates, web documentations, behind the scene reports  on the progress, new photographies as well as interviews and happenings at conventions and film festivals.

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