The new Trailer 2010

This is the latest Trailer of Nydenion.

We hope you will enjoy it!

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16 Responsesto “The new Trailer 2010”

  1. doktorphlox sagt:

    Greatings from Bohemia. Trailer looks very good, but i was hoping i see some wonderful city… and nothing. I keep fingers crossed.

  2. Darren Wilkin sagt:

    Looks very interesting – but “Signal Strenght”?

  3. Bouwmeester sagt:

    I know its been asked numerous times but any new video tidbits coming up?

    Happy New Year to yourself and the fantastic team you assembled!

    • Jack sagt:

      Happy new year for you too. Thanks for asking, we are currently working on a new trailer. With a finished film, we will reach out for Berlinale to find a German distributor, so we will have some exciting times ahead! Best wishes, Jack

  4. Dale Kiprusoff sagt:

    Any chances of any more teaser trailers?

  5. PapaNinja sagt:

    Your miniatures are fantastic Jack. You and your team have done an incredible work :)

    • Jack sagt:

      Thank you my friend. From a master like you it`s music in my ears ;-) As the screening premiere comes closer, I will post more modelwork soon.

      Best wishes,

  6. Steve Halpert sagt:

    Hi Jack,

    Looks fantastic like others said, do you have any time line on the release of this?

    • Jack sagt:

      Dear Steve, thank you for the kind words. The release date will be set by the distributor, I think it will be within the next 4-6 months. We keep you posted here and on Facebook. Best wishes, Jack

  7. Great to see this is still happening, first I was hoping to get this on VHS, then I had hopes for it on DVD, now I have my hopes for a Blu-Ray ! :) Great work you’ve done on this !!!

  8. This look fantastic. And I understand it’s done using old school effects as far a miniatures are involved. At last. I obtained the info from

    • Jack sagt:

      Hi Peter,

      thank you very much. Yes indeed, we do use a lot of miniature work, especially for the larger spaceships and some landscapes. If you visit the gallery you will find some examples.

      Best wishes,
      Jack Moik – Director